Monday, January 12, 2009

Why Solar Landscape Lighting is Great

The solar energy is stored in a battery that is later used at night to turn on the light. There are other forms of collecting the sun’s energy to be used for lighting. More methods are being invented regularly to perfect the harnessing of the sun’s energy to be able to utilize it fully for our energy needs.

Alternative Energy

In some homes, solar lighting is consistently used to light up both indoor and outdoor areas. Solar panels are normally installed on a roof or other maximum exposure site and provide energy for indoor lights. The lamp fixtures of outdoor solar landscape lights usually have small solar panel attached to them. Batteries installed in the lamp fixtures are charged by solar energy. Most outdoor solar landscape lighting has a light sensitive photo switch. The photo switch is triggered at dusk and the solar landscape lighting automatically lights up using its stored solar energy.

Advantages Of Solar Landscape Lighting

There are numerous advantages of using solar landscape lighting for the outdoors. One very obvious reason is saving electric costs of the household. It is just the initial cost of buying the solar landscape lighting that may daunt you but in the long run, it comes out cheaper compared to using electricity.

Solar Energy

If you install outdoor electrical lights, they require electrical wires, but solar landscape lighting keeps your yard clear of those wires. The tedious job of digging and putting the wires underneath the ground is nothing compared to the risk of getting electrocuted if you do not safely install the wires. {No electrical training is required to install solar landscape lighting; just poke the fixtures into the ground}.

An advantage of outdoor solar lighting is that the photo switch automatically engages the lights to be on as dusk occurs. This feature is very convenient especially if you are just returning home to an empty house and you can not find your way across your front yard.

The use of solar landscape lighting is basically more advantageous. The disadvantages are sometimes the solar panels may not charge properly and give you a dim light but other than that all other problems with electrical or solar lighting may be experienced.

Green Energy


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aliah said...

The ideal reason for setting up these lights is to make your home look attractive..Landscape lighting adds beauty to your garden.
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Gavin McConnell said...

I also read that having outdoor lighting is actually a security feature. Obviously you need the right lights and power equipment to set things up correctly. Great article! :)