Sunday, October 26, 2008

Making A Tropical Landscape Idea Work For You

A Tropical Landscape

Have you ever wanted to have a great garden landscape? Well through out the country many people have decided that for their homes the best garden landscape for them would be a tropical landscaping idea. There are things to consider though for a tropical landscape in order for gardens to be the of the best quality  as possible, for the plants to grow properly and ensure that the idea of a tropical garden becomes fruitful. Being able to take your time and lay the plans prior to implementing your tropical landscaping idea will be essential to getting exactly what you want in your home.

What Type Of Plants Should Be Used?

For a tropical landscaping idea, there are literally a variety of plants you can choose from to make the tropical landscape complete. Plants and flowers come in many different varieties however they should be carefully chosen so that they provide the ideal look and give the proper impression of a tropical garden through it's vibrant colors and fragrance. The plants chosen should also be easy to care for and should be able to survive well in the environment that they are put in with minimal care. Typically the plants in a simple tropical landscaping setting should have plants that can be easily maintained and should be able to adjust easily to the local climate.

It is important that the climate in the area around the home will support the plants that are planted there so the plants will survive.  Different types of flowers have different needs so some of them will thrive in the area around the home while some others will quickly die because they will be unable to adapt to the area.  The level of sunshine that shines on the area will be very important because some plants do well with direct sunlight and some do better in shaded areas.  The care instructions for the plant will say how much sunlight each type of plant needs to survive.

Being able to maintain a landscape with minimal effort is ideal for any landscaping idea and this is also applicable for tropical landscapes. This means that the plants chosen for the tropical landscape should require the same amount of care in order that all the plants can have an equal share and be cared for in pretty much the same way. The types of plants to choose are the ones that can be planted near each other and the caretaker or gardener will be able to give the same level of care to all of them without having to worry about damaging or killing any of them. It has been known that tropical plants can be hard to care for so using local species using a tropical landscape design can be used to minimize such problems and if done correctly will give the same effect

Using Tropical Décor Items

Every tropical landscaping idea needs to include tropical décor items to provide focal points in the area around the property.  Tropical décor items are easily  found in any home and garden or nursery store and can be just about any décor item that the person likes. Any tropical landscaping idea should be made unique to the family that owns the home and create an area relaxing enough for everyone can enjoy.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Landscaping Ideas For the Yard and Garden You Can Do Yourself

Landscaping Ideas Video

Lots of easy landscaping ideas for the yard and garden can be done in just one weekend.  You may have recently moved into a new home or have lived at the same location for many years and decide the yard needs a little pizazz.

There are new do it yourself kits now available, for example building your own gazebo that can take just a couple of hours to assemble and look like a million dollars.  Visit your neighborhood garden center they may have displays and helpful employees to steer you in the right direction.

Take into account the amount of spare time you will need. You will need to allocate time in order to design, set up and take care of your new outdoor project. Some backyard landscaping will take quite a bit of time to design and set up, but will be worth it in the end since there will be relatively no maintenance from week to week. Some simple designs for outdoor landscaping can be implemented with practically no extra time, but require quite a bit of maintenance in order to keep it looking as it did when you first set it in place.

After you have decided what you want in your yard and where to put them do some online research to find the best place to purchase the plants or kits for your project.  Some things may require a little more muscle but you can always invite your brother-in-law over to help.

Your local climate will have a tremendous impact on the type of landscaping that you should have in place. Flowering plants that require a great deal of humidity will not thrive in a dry climate. While there are some plants that will need direct sunlight, there are others that prefer a shaded area in order to grow. If you are not proficient in the different types of flowers and plants that are best for your area, be sure to utilize local resources in order to check out the best selections for your planning purposes.

If your goal is to create something visual attractive with not much upkeep involved plant for all seasons.  Get an assortment of evergreen shrubs and trees that look good all year.  Mix in a few seasonal plants also.  Ones that bare fruit in the spring and change color in the fall.

Unless you have to have a lawn for your children to frolic on try to lose it.  It is such a time and water waster.  Play areas can be created with sand or bark.  Look into "rubber bark" that is made out of recycled tire and lasts long and looks great.

Do not feel overwhelmed when it comes to outdoor landscaping. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, there are many different ideas to suit any skill level. Using the internet as a resource will aid you in the landscaping process for each step of the way and help prevent any misconceptions you may have regarding plants, specific designs, or even landscaping a hill side area.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Choosing Appropriate Landscape Maintenance Equipment

We all like to make our jobs easier and having the right landscape maintenance equipment would make keeping our landscape beautiful simpler.  Below we have detailed descriptions of some of the most basic and important tools every home gardener should have in their shed.

I am sure we are familiar with shovels, rakes, and trowels.  Almost every home has at least one variation of landscape maintenance equipment stored in their garage or garden shed.

A good shovel should be at the top of your list of landscape maintenance equipment.  A pointed shovel is referred to as a spade.  This is needed for digging up weeds, planting a tree, and for turning over the dirt.  A square shovel is used to make a path smooth and for snow removal.

Two rakes, a large one and a small one, make a good addition to a landscape maintenance equipment storage shed.  For the huge job of cleaning up all those fall leaves you would need a large rake.  The smaller rake is for the intricate task of cleaning debris from around delicate flowers.

Trowels come in large and small sizes as well. The hand trowel with its shorter handle is used for making smaller holes to accept smaller plants such as in a small flower bed.  The trowel that has a longer handle would be used to carve out rows for planting a larger vegetable garden.

The home gardener would also need a set of shears and pruners.  The shears would be for keep neatly trimmed hedges and bushes.  The pruners are used for the larger job of cutting back the dead branches from fruit trees to allow new growth during the next growing season.

Pruners are needed during the time of the year that you want to severely trim back trees.  This is especially important for fruit trees to bear a good crop of fruit in their next cycle.

The lawnmower is a vital piece of landscape maintenance equipment.  There are several types of mowers, which one you get depends on your needs.

Do you have a large piece of property?  If so you would need a ride-on lawnmower.  If you just have a small side yard to mow a small push mower would do the job.  Most people need an in between size power mower.  The power mowers are very versatile. They can be used for cutting the lawn, clearing brush, mulching, and even to pick up the leaves.

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Ideas For Landscaping Your Backyard

A good backyard landscaping idea is to use evergreens.  They will add a stately nature to the feel of your home while keeping it welcoming and warm. Although the use of deciduous trees  is very popular, having evergreens will really add structure to your design.  Hopefully you will find these ideas for your garden useful.

When the winter comes and leaves fall off the other trees, you will be really pleased that you planted evergreens.  The key to any great landscaping design is to find a backyard landscaping idea like this that will keep your yard interesting no matter what time of the year it is.

Although you might normally think of just the plants in your backyard, you should also consider other important items such as fences, rocks and patios. These can make your yard look very interesting during all of the seasons. When thinking about fences and walls, please remember that you don't have to have them exposed.  The can look great with plants climbing over them. When looking for a good backyard landscaping idea you need to look for other options besides just plants. There is much more to landscaping than just plants and trees.

In addition to soft and hard landscaping there is also the lighting to be considered.  There are so many different types of outdoor lighting and some of them are for sheer beauty whilst others are for security purposes.  Both and very important and should also think about how they are going to be powered.  Many people are quickly realizing the benefits of using solar power for the environmental and practical reasons.  The patio is also an important part of your garden and you will want to remember to light it well so that you enjoy it even when night falls.  Also, click here if you are looking for ornamental fence ideas.

A good backyard landscaping idea is one that everyone can make use of. There are so many choices when it comes to landscaping and you'll find it difficult to choose the ideas you like best. This article will help you to find the perfect backyard landscaping idea for your home.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Helpful Tips for Transplanting Plants

Transplanting Plants for Optimum Growth

You may have a plant that has outgrown its current residence or you may need to thin out another, whatever the reason for transplanting plants, care needs to be taken.  For the best results care of the root system is adamant.

In the very early spring, when plants have just barely begun to show some signs of new life, is the best time to transplant.  The new plantings can get a good start while the weather is still cool and they can be watered by spring rains.

Front and Backyard Plants

Remember, front and backyard plants will become dormant during the fall when the weather goes through a hard freeze.  Perennials will stay dormant in the ground until spring.  You want to make sure the leaves are not open and out, a sign that transplanting plants is too late.  However, if there are green and swollen buds that have not changed into actual leaves, then transplanting is fine.

When separating the plant or digging up a whole one for transplanting, try to keep the root ball nicely packed in a small amount of soil.  Whether they are front or backyard plants, have the new space properly prepared before moving the transplant.  Fresh potting soil with a fair amount of nutrients will insure their survival.

A healthy root system is vital to successful transplanting.  While a certain amount of pruning of the roots is good, too much may kill the plant.  A small stem with a bit of fresh growth with a large root area is best.  Too much growth on top and a small, weak root will not do well.

To aid in the root growth of your new transplant, prune a small amount of the roots before planting.  The cut ends will be able to take in nutrients from the new soil and new roots will sprout from the cut ends produce new growth in the stem system above ground.

Rock Plants

Rock plants that have been planted to fill in the spaces between the rocks on a garden retaining grow mostly in a mossy type soil.  They seem to do well when transplanted as long as they receive the same amount of water, drainage and are planted in the same type of soil.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Creating the Perfect Garden Oasis Patio

After a hard day at work there is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside on a patio swing in a beautifully designed garden oasis patio. Surrounded by ferns and other tropical plants would complete the scene. Natural looking flagstone landscaping underfoot creates the effect of walking down a tropical path.

Gazebo Landscape

If staying out of the sun is a concern a gazebo landscape structure is a great place to serve a meal or just relax. The gazebo could be near the house or set out in the garden as a destination spot in a beautifully designed yard.

Then if the structure has lattice work or pillars, then the gazebo landscape could include some type of climbing vine that might include honeysuckle, clematis, ivy, etc. To create the perfect place for entertainment or even a romantic escape, you would also hand miniature lights around the perimeter at roof level, giving the area a soft glow. The possibilities are incredible, waiting for your own creativity to be added to the mix.

Long Lasting Flagstone Landscaping

Adding a flagstone landscape allows your guests to meander around your garden oasis patio and out to the gazebo landscape. This invites all who enter your tropical paradise to enjoy every corner. Having different destination areas for entertaining such as the gazebo or patio allows the guests to spread out and not be cramped into one small area.

An outdoor fireplace or kitchen are also great additions to any outdoor area. This keeps the traffic out of the house and in the garden oasis patio. People tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable outdoors rather than in the more formal areas inside the home. Patio furniture is sturdier and easier to clean. As the host you will also be more relaxed.

You do not want to ruin the relaxing atmosphere of your garden oasis patio with the clutter of garden equipment or children's toys. It would be a good idea to add some attractive storage that blends with the landscape design. There are many ready made products or easy to assemble kits on the market for storage.

Whether you are looking to add flagstone landscaping, do some type of gazebo landscape, or something else altogether to create the perfect garden oasis patio, you will find that you have some incredible options. Using the amount and configuration of the space coupled with your own personal likes and dislikes, you can finally have a wonderful place to call your own.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Useful Tips For Backyard Landscaping Ideas

do it yourself landscaping

There are various backyard steep hill landscaping that you can use to transform an ordinary tract of real estate into something worth marveling at. With the right amount of effort and ideas, any backyard can be transformed much nicer. Just try to keep your imagination and creativity working. In no time at all, you will be able to make something beautiful out of your ordinary backyard.

Using nursery plants for landscaping is the most effective method of transforming a backyard. Creating a garden full of plants can help make any backyard spring to life. There are various ways to which making different plants take advantage of the backyard space. Choosing the plants that you wish to have on your backyard would give a different feel to your entire home later on.

You may choose to make your home look more upscale by planting some stud looking trees in your backyard. Having evergreens for example as part of your organic landscaping plans can give your home that noble look that you mostly see in elegant mansions and homes. You can simply create that same elegance with the addition of evergreen on your backyard.

To compliment your surroundings, you may wish to add a few flowering plants for a little color to your backyard. You may want to have beautiful red roses lining up a path way or bunched up together in a garden to create that bouquet of color on a chosen spot. You may even choose to make use of several flowering plants of various colors to keep your backyard even more colorful.

If you wish to add some color but may not have the time to care for the plants regularly, you may choose to make use of wildflowers that usually require little maintenance in order to thrive. Adding this may give you that look of elegance to your landscape.

Using plants can even help in making your own backyard easier to maintain. If it is your usual problem trying to mow an extensive area of your backyard, putting up a garden can easily reduce the lawn area that may need mowing. You can choose between putting up a vegetable or flower garden for this one. But bear in mind that putting up a vegetable garden may take a lot of patience since it may take usually a couple of months before you may be able to see their growth.

And way before that, vegetable plants may require the right amount of water, nutrients, sunlight and care to thrive and hence, may require some bit of your time.

Another way to reduce some mowing area in your backyard is to make use of "hardscapes". This is another landscaping idea that you can use aside from considering the use of plants or trees on your backyard. You may want to make use of rocks, fences or walls to create alternative elements of beauty on your backyard.

Hardscapes may be good to use since they do not require as much maintaining as plants. That would be one of the good backyard landscaping ideas that you may want to use someday.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Installing Exterior Yard Lights The Easy Way

If you have thought about setting up your own outdoor landscape lighting but think it is too difficult, I would like to explain to you that it is not. Outdoor yard lights can be simple to put in if you have a design in mind. A first rate design is a required component of any exterior yard lights set up. Outside yard lighting is available in a few different types and before you begin planning, you ought to pick the option you want to implement. Moreover, you will want to stay open to innovative landscaping ideas that might just allow you to come up with a garden that truly amazes you.

The Two Styles of Exterior Yard Lights

The first kind of outside landscape lighting is wired, electric outdoor garden lighting. If you are going to install this, you will have to have an accessible electrical outlet on the exterior of your home. Every one of the lights is connected along a series of shielded electrical wiring. Preparing for this installation you must think about both the light fixtures and the wiring that they are linked to. Before installing any of the lights, it is recommended that you start by outlining your front or back garden, dependant upon where the lights are being put. Draw out and measure an equal distance between each of the lights then plot them out inside your yard. You ought to be sure that you have a sufficient amount of wiring and space for the wiring behind the lights.

The benefits of using the electrical outside landscape lighting plan are that you have the ability to switch it on and off when you please, it always has power, and you can pick up more powerful lights for the set-up. The wired installations are usually less expensive also.

The alternative type of exterior yard lighting installation utilizes solar lights. A solar landscape lighting set-up uses sunlight and charges up during the day then turns on after it gets dark. These systems are very easy to install and don’t need as much planning that the wired installation does. In addition, it is very simple to rearrage the lights in the event you don’t like your initial setup. There is no upkeep needed for this kind of system and it is very easy to maintain. If any component breaks it can easily be replaced.

The benefits of going with the solar lighting system are how easy it is to install and how uncomplicated it is to make adjustments to. This kind of installation can also be repaired very quickly if there are any problems with the lights within the system. The main disadvantage is that they usually are more expensive and are not quite as bright as the electric system. In addition, this type of outside landscape lighting needs close to 8 hours per day of daylight to be completely charged up, so if you live in an area with little sunlight it can be tough to keep the system up and the lights glowing brightly.

As you can see there are plusses and minuses to each system, so be sure to think about your location before you come up with your final decision.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Choose Your Watering System: Irrigation Supplies and Systems

Installing irrigation systems can bring numerous rewards and benefits for the novice as well as the experienced gardener. There are a variety of different irrigation systems one can choose. Therefore , it is important to make a close study of the options available, and make an informed decision before purchasing them Irrigation systems can be expensive. And for that reason, a little planning can save you a great deal of money.

You can prefer drip irrigation which is best suitable if you live in the areas with drier sort of climate, where there is always scarcity of water. A drip irrigation system will deliver water supply carefully and exactly where it is essentially required wasting little amount of water.

Install Sprinkler Systems and Sprinkler Heads

What are sprinklers and how they work? Sprinkler systems are meant for watering plants and vegetation. They involve spraying water in a particular pattern sometimes called sprays or sprinkler systems. These sprays are designed and arranged in a way that they can easily operate under certain pressure. Thus, you can offer your garden watering in sprinkling way.

Sprinklers are available in a great variety for enriching your garden. Choose residential sprinkler systems to keep garden grass and plants green by less supply of water . Also you can buy lawn sprinkler systems for your lawns, plants or crops.

Irrigation Sprinkler Systems for Lawn and Garden

Garden sprinkler are effective for lawn and garden. There are equipments known as lawn irrigation systems formed for watering such garden lawn in effective manner. They are easily installed and portable to use.

Initially most gardeners used oscillating sprinklers because they did not have other watering system. Fortunately , we have systems like turbo oscillating and power pulsating sprinkler utilized for watering purpose . We also have lawn and garden sprinklers convenient to use as they can be attach to garden hose and we can shift them around the lawn and adjust the spray pattern as we desire.

As you decide to buy any irrigation and sprinkler systems for your garden, visiting websites or to a nearest shop will help you decide which will best suit to your watering task.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Charcoal Grill is Best for Real Barbecue Flavor

The open flame of the grill is what produces the great taste that's associated with BBQ food. The food gets charred because of the heat coming from the grate. And when there are wisps of flame from the dripping fat, it gives the meat that extra special barbecue taste. That BBQ taste is intensified when you use a BBQ grill that uses charcoal or wood to cook the food.

You'll find that getting a charcoal BBQ grill going takes a bit of time. The charcoal has to be brought out from the garage or shed. It has to be portioned out correctly on the grill and then lit. It needs around 30 minutes of burning before it's hot enough to cook over. If you plan on using the grill for a long time, you have to add fresh charcoal from time to time. After barbecuing, the pile of ashes has to be cleaned up.

As well, remember that with a charcoal grill, you can't have total control over the cooking temperature. If you go for an expensive model, it has ramps which can be raised and lowered. Otherwise you can produce different temperatures by raking the coals around.

You can't rush things with a charcoal BBQ. A gas grill is great for those times when you need to get dinner on the table quickly and don't have time for the whole charcoal process. Many people like to come home after work and start up the grill; since a charcoal BBQ takes quite a bit of time, it's not often the best choice for this scenario.

However, don't forget that there's a lot of pleasure that comes along with grilling on a charcoal BBQ. Firstly, it's fun to play with the fire, stand around the barbecue and watch the meat being grilled just the way you like it. Also, food grilled over charcoal definitely tastes better than a gas grill.

A typical charcoal barbecue grill is very affordable. Really, all that's required is a good stock of charcoal. Although the expense will add up, it's really not much different from the propane you need to run a gas grill. Also, the charcoal grill lasts a very long time, as it has very few parts and a simple design.

Of course, it's up to you in the end whether you go with a charcoal or gas BBQ grill. You can get some amazingly flavorful steaks off a charcoal BBQ. It can be a fun and pleasant activity. It's a great choice when you're not pressed for time and you get a lot of pleasure out of the authentic BBQ taste of meat cooked over charcoal.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Creative Outdoor Patio Enclosures

Creative screened in patio enclosures are a great way to add protection from those pesky insects while enjoying a meal or entertaining guests.  It would add value and space to your home.

Most people love their outdoor patios and would never trade them away for anything else. Others however may decide they want to use their patio in inclement weather to add more floor space to their existing home.

Outdoor patio enclosures are not only screens but glass could be used also.  This would create a wonderful sun room.  In the winter months, with the sun shining through the glass, the solar energy could make this space the warmest area in the home without using any electrical or gas energy.

For many homeowners, outdoor patio enclosures are simply a means of adding an extra room their home and with the extra walls and ceiling have not really created an outdoor living space, but merely converted a an open area into another room.

After installing outdoor patio enclosures you can furnish the space to be comfortable in any season.  An outdoor fireplace creates a cozy spot in a cool summer evening as well as during the winter months.

Homeowners who want the look and feel of an outdoor patio may choose open wall outdoor patio enclosures design that provides overhead protection only, leaving three sides of the patio open to the elements, having no plans, or desire to use it during the dead of winter.

Does Your Family Need Another Room?

If a family already has a patio, they may decide to convert it into a play room, or a changing room for their swimming pool and use outdoor patio enclosures to seal the deal. A word of caution with outdoor patio enclosures however, is to make sure there is enough of a foundation and support for walls and a roof before starting the job.

These outdoor rooms are significantly more cost effective and easier to install, and cause less mess than construction of ordinary room additions. This type of room addition also takes much less time to construct. Again, you'll save money on heating and cooling costs and get to enjoy outdoor living indoors all year long.

Be sure to consider the addition of electrical and plumbing in your outdoor patio enclosures.  Your existing patio may already have outlets for an electrical source.  Get advice from an electrician or plumber if doing it yourself.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

An Added Pool Brings Value To Your Home

round hot tub

Even though swimming pools are mostly though of as enjoyment, exercise, and relaxing on hot days, they are also a great way to enhance the value of your home.  If you’ve thought of selling your home or just enhancing the value, a swimming pool may very well be a wise investment. 

In ground pools are one of those things that can add a lot of value to a home.  They may cost a lot of money, although they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and they also give you the most versatility.  You can choose to have a shallow end for children and those who are learning to swim, then add a deep end on the other side for diving boards and lap swimming.

Above ground swimming pools on the other hand are much cheaper, although they require a deck and privacy fencing for those who want their privacy.Another way to raise the value of your home is to build a deck around your above ground pool.  Even though above ground pools aren’t that deep, they are great enjoying yourself on a hot day, or just getting out there and splashing water with your family and friends.

Instead of going with a swimming pool, you can also choose a hot tub.  Hot tubs cost quite a bit of money, although they are an excellent way to relax.  Hot tubs have been well known over the years to enhance the value of property.  You can relax in a heated hot tub with your other half, or just let your kids relax in the tub with non heated water. Just make sure to buy some cheap hot tub covers.

Even though a hot tub cover lifters is a great investment, most people looking to add value to their home choose to go with an in ground swimming pool.The most expensive are inground pools, which adds instant appeal to your home.  If you are planning to install an in ground pool, you should pay very close to the location, as this will impact the value.In ground pools bring the most value when they're placed in the backyard enclosed around a fence.

Keep in mind, that installing an in ground pool will take quite a bit of time.  It also involves digging up your yard, which is why you want to select a location for it where nothing runs under the ground.  When your contractor looks at your property before installing the pool, he will go over that sort of thing with you.When the pool is installed and completed, have an appraiser set a dollar amount for the home to see it's value.You could be surprised how your home will have added value with the addiiton of a pool.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tips to Help You Create the Most Alluring Landscape

A patch of green adjacent to your home--- a great idea indeed! It’s a refreshing dream that every urban dweller loves to cherish! But few of them get to the job for fulfilling this dream; or rather they don’t just dare to undertake a landscaping project out of the fear that the task may turn out to be too imposing to handle.


But believe me; it is not going to be that exorbitant that you are imagining! What you need are the right tips, and it’s just a matter of few weekends’ efforts and you get your private heaven ready right at your threshold!


Don’t get nervous just because you are a novice at the job of landscaping; go by our tips and your pro-looking landscape is just few weeks away.


Plan well

Irrespective of the size or type of a project, the secret of success lies in good planning and planning needs great deal of research.

  • As it is said, landscaping is the combination of both scientific knowledge and great aesthetic sense, a good deal of research can supply you with the practical information about ideal plants type for the type of the soil and climate in your area, local wind patterns, the requirement of irrigation and so on.
  • Also roam around a bit in the public gardens as well as in your neighborhood to get more design ideas.
  • You might have your own visualization about your dream landscape. Now blend your dreams with your new found knowledge to create the most alluring garden in the neighborhood.

Weave it around a focal point

Pick out a focal point for your landscaping project and then spin the entire design around it. It offers the viewer the right perspective. Such elements as a fountain, a stone statue, a birdfeeder, a solarium and even an old big tree in the middle of the lawn can serve the purpose of a focal point to give a natural flow to your landscaping efforts.


Follow consistency in the use of shapes and lines

For the right visual impact, use the shapes consistently in your garden. These govern the viewer’s eye movements and as such your aim will be to draw the viewer’s attention to the focal point.

  • As for example, if the garden has a natural poodle in the middle, design the beds and pathways in meandering lines to naturally flow with the spirit of a curvy water body.
  • If you want a British style landscaping with a more formal look, make more use of the straight lines and geometric shapes instead.

Make sure, the landscape appears attractive all through the four seasons

It is practical to choose the plants cautiously so that you have the shrubs in full bloom through the summer, autumn and fall. Make sure your landscape has some elements to withstand the chill of winter and offers something to look at.

  • So combine deciduous shrubs and evergreen trees in your design.
  • While deciduous plants add to the variety, the evergreens with their bloom and foliage offer year long continuity.  

Choose the right landscape edging

Use the edging to make the right design statement; the proper edging not only provides your garden the necessary framing, it also gives a finished look to the greenery.


A last tip: your landscaping project must suit your lifestyle. Before getting started, keep in mind that some plants require more attention while others thrive with little attention. So ask yourself first how much time and efforts you are going to invest in your landscape. If you are a novice, start with a few easy to grow varieties. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Energy Efficient Landscaping in Your Backyard

All of us like to save money.  With easy energy efficient landscaping you can save up to 30% or more on your energy bills.  Just a few simple adjustments to your existing landscape or by careful planning of your new landscape you can create an energy saving home.

So how does one accomplish energy efficient landscaping? There are various things that can be considered in both existing and soon-to-be-developed landscapes.

What About the Sun?

One of the key considerations in energy efficient landscaping includes the various weather conditions that prevail in the area. This means taking into consideration where the sun shines and what path the sunlight takes. A house's walls and foundations, when hit directly by the sun, will absorb almost 90% of the sun's heat, thereby increasing the burden on the air-conditioning or cooling system to keep the house cool.

You can protect your home from the sun's hot rays by a shade landscaping design, planting large shade trees on the south and west side of your home.  Of course on the flip side, if you want your home to be warmer in the long winter months you would want to do just the opposite, creating large open areas so that the sun can naturally warm the home.

You will also want the warm rays of the sun to heat the hardscape surrounding your home this will also increase the heat levels inside the home.

Adding Protection from the Wind

A cold winter wind seeping into the home can rapidly cause a temperature drop.  This will also be reflected in your next energy bill.

Plants that serve as effective windbreaks include evergreens or trees in general. In fact, even fences placed in strategic locations can serve as windbreaks.

Keep the Heat or Cool In

One of the primary culprits in the wasting of energy is the heat or cool that escapes through the home's roof, windows and doors. It is imperative to find a way to keep heat or cool air inside the home.

Another way is with the energy efficient landscaping that includes thick shrubbery planted close to the home, but leaving a pocket of dead air creating a natural thermal space.  Again, make use of your local nursery expert as to which type of shrubs would be the best and the proper amount of dead air space between the home and shrubs.

In landscaping your yard or garden, it is important to maximize the benefits by using an aesthetically pleasing landscape. After all, energy efficient landscaping in the area will effectively save energy and money in the long run.

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