Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Tools You Need For a Beautiful Lawn

Less than 200 years ago, grass was trimmed using a scythe. And most people didn't see the need to cut the grass back then. Landscaping has progressed considerably since that time. There are more kinds of lawn and garden tools than you can count that are considered critical for maintaining a luxurious landscape.

A lawnmower is simply essential if grass is a component of your landscaping. It's a strange concept that your lawn has to be ruthlessly chopped off in order to thrive; nevertheless, that's the way it is. A lawnmower will likely be your most expensive purchase when it comes to lawn care. But if you tend to it well, it will provide you with many years of good service.

Unfortunately, a lawnmower alone won't keep your yard trim. A lawn trimmer is required for those awkward spaces. You might choose to use the traditional hand operated model that looks like a giant pair of scissors. The other option is an electric device that uses a plastic string to chop off grass and weeds. The string spins at ultra high speeds and is very powerful, so be careful when using it.

Another piece of equipment you'll need is a spreader. They are useful for the even distribution of granular products such as fertilizer, weed killer and grass seed. You can purchase a spreader in a push style with small holes and a mechanism that releases the contents as you go. Alternatively, you can get a hand held unit. This is most often a boxy plastic cup that, when you turn its handle, empties its contents onto the lawn below. These are appropriate for smaller areas that might need a little reseeding or spot fertilizing.

You'll also need a rake in order to scoop up all the leaves on the ground in the fall. If you don't rake them, these leaves might cause damage to your lawn over the winter. Once the snow melts in the spring, you'll find that the grass has become smothered and parched by the presence of the leaves.

Even if you raked up the leaves in the fall, you'll still find that your grass has become matted over the winter months. This thatching effect will prevent oxygen and other essential nutrients from working their way into the soil. Reviving the thatched grass is yet another task for your rake.

It's practically impossible to tend to your yard without a shovel. A narrow shovel is useful for removing small patches of weeds. Larger square or rounded shovels will also be required if you're digging up plants, moving around soil and for any number of other jobs.

Buy the best equipment you can afford and maintain it well. Tending to your lawn will be considerably more pleasurable. And you're certain to make all the neighbors jealous.

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